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These premium quality Dividers are the ideal companion piece to our best-selling Dog Guards. They’re made from the same high-grade steel and, just like our Dog Guards, are custom-made for your specific model. Whether you’re looking to create a barrier between warring pets or guard against the dangers of unsecured cargo, they really are one of the most useful car accessories you could buy. They’re tough too; engineered to last and finished with a unique nylon powder coating that’s extremely scratch resistant. The installation of the divider requires a Travall dog guard. If you are looking for a dog guard please click

High quality boot divider

Travall are the world's leading supplier of car dog guards and cargo dividers with an unrivalled range of vehicle specific applications. Our car dog guards and cargo dividers are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards to ensure that you only receive the best in car equipment. To function Travall car dividers should only be used in conjunction with the Travall dog guards. Using our dog guard and cargo divider allows you to utilise your boot space whilst offering occupant protection too. This combination is suitable for use with pets, cargo, shopping, luggage and more.

The Travall cargo dividers are manufactured from precision laser cut mild steel tubing and welded mesh and they are finished in a tough, non-scratch metallic grey nylon powder coating exclusive to Travall. Each of our car dividers are tailored to suit a specific vehicle guaranteeing that it is precisely fitted, easy to install and, when used with the Travall car dog guard, it can provide maximum boot space and protection for you and your pet. Furthermore, all of the product development and manufacturing is carried out in house ensuring optimum efficiency.

Vehicle specific divider
Travall cargo divider

Following installation of the correct Travall car dog guard, the cargo divider can be fitted into your vehicle extremely easily. The divider simply fits into the dog guard with fixings and can be removed again within seconds. This, in addition to the fact that no tools or modifications are required to fit the divider, makes it easy to remove or install on the go. This gives the driver plenty of flexibility in how they use their boot spac

When used in combination with the Travall dog guard, the boot divider offers flexible usage of the vehicle's boot area, providing multi-functional capability. With these well-made and durable products installed you can achieve more boot space whilst also providing secure protection for the occupants of the vehicle. Travall cargo dividers are the way to go for secure and spacious travelling.

Easy to install divider